If It Can Be Done, We Can Do It

Lake Air Products has a rich history of expertise in metal fabrication and stamping.  Lake Air Metal Stamping has been in business since 1958 as a full-service provider of precision metal stampings. In 1974, Lake Air Metal Products was established as a precision metal fabricator. In the years since, we’ve come to be known simply as Lake Air Metals and are still offering the same superior products and outstanding customer service we were founded upon over 50 years ago.

We are owned and managed by a partnership of four business leaders with strong histories of success, both individually and in multiple joint ventures. Lake Air Metals employs over 190 employees in three locations utilizing 175,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

For decades, we have earned our customers’ trust by providing on-time deliveries of precision fabricated metal components and assemblies, and we pride ourselves on the consistent quality of our finished products. You can rest assured that Lake Air Metals will deliver lasting solutions that meet your most exacting specifications.

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