Heavy Gauge Structural Fabrication

We are custom structural steel fabricators. Lake Air Companies heavy structural fabrication capabilities enable us to create complex parts and components for industrial, construction, and other “heavy” applications. From smaller parts cut from heavy gauge steel to single components the size of a room, we have the experience and the equipment needed to turn your structural fabrication project into reality.

Lake Air’s specialty in heavy structural fabrication is in custom, made-to-order parts. Our engineering team will work with you to develop part designs that meet all your unique performance and dimensional requirements and are optimized for maximum efficiency in the fabrication process. Our in house tool & die shop provides the precision tooling we need to fabricate parts and components with the tight tolerances you need, no matter how complex the design.

Our modern, 175,000-square-foot production facility features some of the best heavy fabrication equipment available and a talented, highly-trained staff. Our automated processes and equipment ensure perfect precision for your heavy gauge parts, and repeatability from part number two to number two-thousand. We can cut-to-size, bend, form, weld, assemble, finish, paint, and more. On even the largest parts and highest volume orders, we pride ourselves on quick turnarounds.

Lake Air Companies offers a full range of production capabilities, available individually or in any combination your project requires for an integrated, full-service fabrication process. We also provide a number of secondary operations to give you complete, start-to-finish production. We are one of very few structural steel fabricators that offer true “one stop shop” service.

Contact us today for all your heavy gauge structural fabrication needs.