Mechanical Metal Assemblies

Lake Air Companies offers complete service for mechanical metal assemblies; utilizing a lean assembly line and material Kanban systems to create your finished metal assemblies faster and more efficiently. We have the capabilities and the equipment necessary to fully assemble simple components with just a handful of pieces, to complex assemblies with over 150 individual parts. With high speed assembly tools and other top-of-the-line equipment, we can produce mechanical metal assemblies that match your unique specifications.

Because we can fabricate, machine, and stamp your parts, as well as assemble them, Lake Air can be your one-stop “feeder line” for the components and subassemblies you need. And with on-time delivery direct to your assembly line or manufacturing facility, we can do more of the assembly work so you don’t have to.

Request a quote for the metal assemblies you need, or contact Lake Air Companies for more information.