Precision Machining

Lake Air Companies advanced machining capabilities enable us to create even the most complex, unusual, or labor-intensive precision machine parts. With our in house tool & dieshop, top of the line equipment, and state-of-the-art programming software, we produce parts that match the unique requirements and tight tolerances of any part design.

Our precision machine shop can produce custom parts with grooves, rounded edges, and extreme angles—far more than just simple bends or punches. Lake Air’s engineers will work with you to perfect your designs using CAD/CAM technology. Our skilled, experienced production staff delivers the parts you need in some of the industry’s best turnaround times, and our automated equipment, part traceability, and quality checks ensure superior precision and lot-to-lot consistency.

Lake Air Companies offers a wide variety of production capabilities, which our customers can utilize individually or in any combination their projects require for a seamless, integrated production process. We also provide a number of secondary services—including drilling, tapping, MIG/TIG welding, electronic and mechanical assembly, packaging, and more—for complete, start-to-finish manufacturing. We are a true “one stop shop” where all manufacturing, finishing, and assembly of your precision machine parts can be completed under one roof.

Contact us today to put our precision machine shop to work on your next project.