Short Run Stamping

Lake Air Products is a leader in long and short run stamping. We offer complete, start-to-finish production—from the design phase through shipping of the finished product.

Our design team will work with you to develop designs that not only meet the requirements of your project, but that are also optimized for production efficiency. Expensive castings, forgings, and powdered metal parts can be redesigned to take advantage of lower cost metal stampings. Our in-house tool and die shop can create the perfect tooling for your stamped parts and components, no matter how complex your designs or how tight the tolerances required.

Lake Air’s 175,000-square-foot of manufacturing facility houses a full complement of state-of-the-art equipment, including multiple Minster stamping presses up to 600 ton capacity known throughout the industry for their precision, repeatability, and speed. Our production staff is highly trained, skilled, and experienced. Our automated production equipment, part traceability, and quality checks every step of the way ensures perfect precision, repeatability, and consistency for all our production stamping.  We produce the finest quality stamped parts in some of the industry’s most complex demands.

We offer a broad array of other production capabilities which can be integrated as needed to complete your project in one seamless process. Our available secondary operations, including tapping, drilling, weldments, deburring, packaging, and more, make us a “one stop shop” that can manage nearly every facet of the manufacturing process in a single location. You’ll benefit from faster delivery times and a quicker time to market.

When you need high precision, long, medium or short run production stamping, look no further than Lake Air Products. Contact us today to learn more.